Next generation UV-LED exposure solutions


Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C: Exposure Subsystem (Front View)
Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C
Photolithography UV-LED Exposure Systems
Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine TWO
Advanced UV-LED Light Engine TWO
Photolithography UV-LED Exposure Systems
Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE
Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE
Fiber-coupled UV-LED Light Sources
Primelite Advanced UV-LED Light Engine THREE
Advanced UV-LED Light Engine THREE
Fiber-coupled UV-LED Light Sources
DMD Illuminator for DLP® 7000 and DLP® 9500 Chipsets
DMD / DLP® Illuminator LumiDLP™
DMD / DLP® Applications
LED Pattern Projector LumiBlazeR™
LED Pattern Projector LumiBlazeR™
Special Purpose LED Solutions
LED Solar Simulator LumiSun™-50
LED Solar Simulator LumiSun™-50
Special Purpose LED Solutions
Primelite Customized UV-LED Equipment
Customized UV-LED Equipment
Special Purpose LED Solutions
Primelite Liquid Light Guide (Single Pole)
Liquid Light Guides
Primelite Performance Optics
Primelite UV-LED Performance Optics
Homogenizing, Condensing, and Focusing Optics
Primelite Performance Optics
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Primelite booth 7E72 @ CIOE Shenzhen

Primelite will present its product portfolio at the 23rd China International Optoelectronic Exposition, that will be held at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on September 16-18, 2021. The CIOE …

Primelite moves office

Primelite GmbH has moved offices from Munich city center to the Bavaria Film business park in Gruenwald (south of Munich). Extended office space and a new laboratory for R&D activities …

What we do

About Us


Primelite GmbH was founded in Munich, Germany, in 2016 by a team of experienced engineers and managers.

We presented a prototype of our first high-power UV-LED light source, the versatile, fiber-coupled Advanced Light Engine ONE, at the SEMICON Japan end of 2016. Series production started in early 2017.

From thereon, we continuously enriched our product portfolio: With advanced UV-LED exposure solutions making our standard-setting output performance available for mask aligner and wafer stepper systems in the semiconductor industry. Powerful UV-LED DMD Illuminators followed to complement our value proposition for PCB and maskless lithography applications, as well as for CtS-printing tools. Later, we added super reliable small footprint spot-curing systems to our product portfolio.

Providing superior value, we can now call some of the biggest names in the automotive, pharma, and semiconductor industry our customers.

Guiding Principles

We have committed ourselves to develop advanced UV-LED light sources which are best-in-class solutions for our customers.

Perfect quality is our aspiration: We design and manufacture our UV-LED systems in Munich, Germany. To achieve industry-leading product reliability, we work with carefully selected partners for all critical components. These include made-to-spec optics from semiconductor-grade glass and superior LED emitter technology.

To stay way ahead of our competition, we continually advance our core know-how on efficient opto-mechanical design. At the same time, improving our electronic hardware and software architecture is just as essential.

We enable product innovation as well as fast-track development and product rollout by having deep market insight, customer-focus, a lean organization, and dynamic business culture at Primelite.