About Us

Best-in-Class UV-LED Exposure.
Since 2016.


Primelite GmbH was founded in Munich, Germany, in 2016 by a team of experienced engineers and managers.

We presented a prototype of our first high-power UV-LED light source, the versatile, fiber-coupled Advanced Light Engine ONE, at the SEMICON Japan tradeshow end of 2016. Series production started in early 2017.

We have continuously enriched our product portfolio since: With advanced UV-LED exposure solutions making our standard-setting output performance available for Mask Aligners and Wafer Stepper in the semiconductor industry. Meanwhile, powerful UV-LED DMD Illuminators complement our value proposition for maskless Direct Imaging applications or CtS-printing tools. And we have added low-footprint spot-curing systems to our product portfolio, which the industry has come to appreciate for their outstanding reliability and low maintenance needs.

Providing superior value, we can now call some of the biggest names in the automotive, defense, electronics, medical, optics, and semiconductor industries our customers.

Guiding Principles

We have committed ourselves to developing advanced UV-LED light sources that are best-in-class solutions for our customers.

Perfect quality is our aspiration: We meticulously design and manufacture our UV-LED systems in Munich, Germany and work with carefully selected production partners to achieve industry-leading product performance and reliability.

Product innovation, as well as fast-track development and product rollout, are key to our business. To stay way ahead of our competition, we continuously advance our core know-how in efficient optomechanical design. At the same time, improving our electronic hardware and software architecture is just as essential.

A lean organization and dynamic business culture at Primelite keep us focused on creating essential value for our customers.

Founding Team

Dr. Maximilan Dicenta

Primelite Founder Maximilian Dicenta
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Max is a highly dedicated performance manager, keeping track of Primelite’s financial success and our business development efforts.

Prior to co-founding Primelite he worked as a senior project manager for world-leading strategy consultancy McKinsey & Company in Europe, Asia, and the US, where he specialized in projects in the automotive industry. He gained profound experience in the field of business development, strategic planning, and financial management as well as in product development processes and organizations.

Max studied finance and business administration at ESB in Reutlingen and Dublin. He gained a doctoral degree from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (TH Karlsruhe).

Stephan Gerth

Primelite Founder Stephan Gerth
Co-Founder & Chief Engineer

Stephan is a highly experienced hardware, software, and systems engineer, having previously held various management roles in projects for leading European aerospace organizations, e.g., he designed system control features for the Airbus A380.

Since 2009, Stephan focusses on defining, designing and implementing advanced high-power LED systems. He laid the foundation and continuously improves the system architecture our equipment is running on.

Stephan graduated from Munich University of Applied Sciences with a diploma in electrical engineering.

Frederic Jaeger-Booth

Primelite Founder Frederic Jaeger-Booth
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Frederic is a dynamic lean-focussed manager and an enthusiastic engineer.

He took on several assignments, realigning both small and large scale manufacturing operations around the globe, working for Siemens Corporate Technology consulting as well as the industrial automation business unit. In 2010, he had the opportunity to rebuild the special lighting division for Lumatec GmbH, a world-renowned manufacturer of optics equipment and light guides in Germany. During that time he developed in-depth product and market expertise in the field of high-performance LED lighting applications.

Frederic studied mechanical engineering at TU Munich, ETH Zurich, and UP Madrid.

Together we innovate!