UV-LED Light Engines for Mask Aligners

We are replacing conventional mercury discharge lamps with our UV-LED technology.

Primelite pioneered UV‑LED integration into high‑end production Mask Aligners

Back-end lithography applications in the semiconductor, MEMS, LED, power devices, and microfluidics industries use a large variety of mask alignment systems. A growing number of advanced packaging technologies like Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Packaging (WLCSP), Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging (FOWLP), Flip-Chip Packaging, 3D-IC/Through-Silicon Via (TSV), Bumping, and 2.5D Interposer facilitates the fabrication of increasingly integrated microstructures.

You can find manual, semi-, and fully-automated mask aligner systems in all manufacturing environments, ranging from low-volume R&D setups to high-volume mass production. Primelite’s UV-LED lithography exposure systems (ALE/1, ALE/1C, and ALE/2) fully comply with the requirements of any manufacturing scenario and have been successfully integrated into a wide range of mask aligners to replace small (200 W, 350 W, 500 W) and medium-size (750 W, 1,000 W, 1,500 W) mercury arc lamps in broadband applications. In i-line-only processes, our UV-LED exposure systems perform equally to conventional discharge lamps with a rated power of up to 5,000 W.

Mask aligners using our UV-LED light engines have proven to produce superior results in contact (soft/hard/vacuum) and proximity exposure applications. We have seen exceptional uniformity, excellent collimation properties (<2°), and high resolution down to 0.7 µm on 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch, or even larger substrates. Our UV-LED solution comes with a low cost of ownership, providing superior throughput performance due to reduced overall maintenance and long LED service life, enhanced output stability, and no waiting time for warm-up or cool-down of the exposure tool.

Integration of our UV-LED exposure systems in Mask Aligners

Our UV-LED exposure solutions replace the conventional lamp house and eliminate the need for the primary beam folding mirror, heat sink to absorb radiation beyond 450 nm, shutter, and filters. In many cases, our LED Performance Optics are also an economical alternative for existing homogenizing/condensing components. You can upgrade from mercury arc lamps to our UV-LED technology in several ways:

  1. If your design envelope is challenging, check out our all-in-one fiber-coupled UV-LED light source ALE/1 using a flexible high-transmission liquid light guide.
  2. Our high-power UV-LED exposure system ALE/1C follows a distributed design approach with a Control Subsystem (CSS) separated from a small footprint Exposure Subsystem (ESS) to be directly integrated into the mask aligner.
  3. You can achieve extreme intensities in i-line and broadband or expose extra-large substrates with our UV-LED light engine ALE/2. It is a distributed setup as well – the Exposure Subsystem (ESS) needs to be mounted in the exposure tool.

All solutions may be customized to perfectly fit into your mask aligner. Also retrofitting – replacing a conventional lamp house in an existing tool – is possible.

Broadband for full power

Many photolithography applications rely on broadband exposure encompassing i-, h-, g-line (365/405/436 nm) radiation. We have ensured that our UV-LED exposure systems provide a very similar spectral output to the mercury discharge lamp. This way, an upgrade of your existing photolithography process to UV-LED exposure requires minimal adaption. Apart from our broadband UV-LED exposure units, i-line (365 nm) configurations or setups with dual peak wavelengths (365/405 nm) are also available.

Primelite UV-LED Exposure System ALE ONE C: Spectral Power (CWL 365/405/436 nm)
Primelite UV-LED Exposure System ALE ONE C: Spectral Power (CWL 365/405/436 nm)

Exposure intensities compared

Wafer Size6"8"12"
Intensity [mW/cm2]Broad­bandi-lineBroad­bandi-lineBroad­bandi-line
Mercury Discharge Lamp (typical values)
  350 W50252512
  500 W75373517
  1,000 W150757035
  5,000 W225013010050

1Round exposure area starting from Ø150 mm.
2Square exposure area starting from 200 X 200 mm.
3Standard mode; Performance mode with chiller delivers additional 20% output.

Primelite Lithography UV-LED Exposure System ALE ONE C
Primelite Lithography UV-LED Exposure System ALE/1C (Controller and Exposure Subsystem)

Why Primelite's UV-LED exposure systems for Mask Aligners:

Advanced Light Engine

Our ALE/1 is the benchmark fiber-coupled UV-LED spot light source if you need reliable output and a customizable broadband exposure spectrum.

Advanced Light Engine

Mask aligners using our UV-LED light engines have proven to produce superior results in contact as well as proximity exposure applications.

Advanced Light Engine

Achieve intensities beyond 100 mW/cm2 on round and square 8″ or 12″ substrates with our i-line or broadband ALE/2 UV-LED light engine configurations.

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