Machine Vision

Increase the flexibility and reliability of your application.

Primelite's Advanced Light Engines enable your systems to see more.

Machine Vision Systems are increasing in popularity due to their faster and more reliable inspection functionalities. Such systems need three components to work properly: Illumination of the object, data analysis, go- or stop-decision making. Mostly used for object and position recognition, completeness checks, surveying and inspection tasks. Typical applications include, Banknote/ticket inspection, fluorescent material inspection, glass defect detection, UV glue inspection, and photochemical effects.

One of the most challenging factors in setting up a machine vision system, is the selection of the most suitable illumination, which can facilitate the subsequent image analysis considerably. Modern robots, for example, are using machine vision and image processing to automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks  while achieving higher productivity at the same time. The accuracy is mostly limited to the data the robot retrieves from its environment. By combining high-intensity multispectral LEDs with the flexibility of a fiber-coupled light source, you create a more reliable and suitable image creation process while eliminating external environmental disruptions.

AI and deep learning allowed production and manufacturing facilities to implement faster, cheaper, and more superior automation processes. Visual assessments expanded from the automotive industry to detecting defects on wafers, identifying defective goods on assembly lines, and recognizing surface abnormalities on electronic parts. However, the algorithms are limited by the data they analyze. Improving image acquisition, feature extraction and preprocessing, supports the AI to learn by example, distinguish trends and make more intelligent decisions.

Integration of our LED Light Engines in your machine vision system.

Primelite offers mono-, as well as, multi-spectral illumination solutions for your machine vision application. Due to the flexibility of our fiber-coupled light sources, we can offer up to 4-pole liquid light guides which allow you to illuminate your application area from several directions at the same time. Leveraging UV-LED technology, allows for highest reliability and long lifetime of your processes. Our liquid light guides are available in 500 mm up to 20,000 mm length, to bring illumination to your preferred spot.

Our modular hardware concept allows a combination of up to 5 individual high-power LED emitters in the near UV (NUV), visible (VIS), and near infrared (NIR) spectral range.

Additionally, we offer a LED pattern projector for advanced use-cases, e.g., vision guided assembly.

In-line inspection of safety seals

Replacing monochromatic LED system

System: ALE/3.2+ (365/405 nm)

Main benefits and motivation:

  • Reduced false positives
  • Increased identification of partly damaged tamper-proof seals

Contamination detection

Replacing monochromatic LED system

System: ALE/3.2+ (365/405 nm)

Main benefits and motivation:

  • Allowing for a intensified fluorescence
  • Multidirectional exposure via 2-pol light guide
  • Identify cross-contamination

Fruit ripeness inspection 

Replacing monochromatic LED system

System: ALE/3.2 (365/405 nm)

Main benefits and motivation:

  • Multispectral data collection
  • Increased true positives

Metal components 

Replacing Laser system

System: LumiBlazR

Main benefits and motivation:

  • Thinner lines and sharper edges
  • More homogenous illumination
Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE 1

System highlights:

Advanced Light Engine ONE 

Up to 5 separate high-performance UV, VIS, or NIR-LEDs. The system allows for an easy system integration, highly reliable output, and extended service life.

LED Pattern Projector LumiBlazR™

LED fixed pattern projector for structured lighting and stereo vision in 3D machine vision applications

Advanced Light Engine THREE

Achieve best-in-class performance with our super compact fiber coupled light source ALE/3.

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