UV-LED Flood Exposure

Intensity, uniformity, and collimation - we match your UV exposure requirements.

We can turn our UV-LED light sources into very precise flood exposure tools

Mask aligners and steppers build up many precisely positioned structured layers to form complex integrated circuits, compound semiconductors, and microelectronics. Quite some UV curing applications require exposure just as exact as on semiconductor production tools but lack the need for multiple lithography steps with meticulously aligned layers of microstructures. Examples are:

  • Edge bead removal in smartphone and tablet display manufacturing
  • The creation of safety features in the printing industry
  • Microfluidics applications in the biotechnology field

The applications above all use collimated light. You can also integrate our solutions in UV-LED  flood exposure setups with less or no requirements on collimation. UV curing that needs high uniformity on a defined surface area is a typical use case.

Integration of our UV-LED technology in UV flood exposure applications

Based on our modular product offering, you can select all components according to your exposure requirements. A typical UV flood exposure configuration uses one of our fiber-coupled UV-LED spot light sources in combination with a LED Light Guide and our LED Performance Optics or a customized set of lenses. It is a very flexible setup with all components being readily available off the shelf.

Depending on your preferences on output power, spectral composition, and desired exposure stability, you may opt for our UV-LED light source ALE/1 or ALE/3. The Advanced Light Engine ONE belongs to the highest performing fiber-coupled light sources on the market, while our Advanced Light Engine THREE is a more economical low footprint option.

You can choose between standard or customized high-transmission liquid LED Light Guides to link the light source and exposure optics. Their significant advantage is that you may position the light source and the exposure optics virtually anywhere within the available design envelope of your setup.

You will likely find components within our LED Performance Optics portfolio that generate an exposure beam fitting the specifications of your application. If not, our engineering team is always there to help our customers with designs tailored to their individual needs.

Primelite UV-LED Integration Flood Exposure
Uniform Flood Exposure with Primelite UV-LED Light Sources ALE/1 and ALE/3

Benefits of broadband UV curing

Primelite’s broadband UV-LED light sources deliver the exact spectral composition which works best with your UV curing application. You may choose from a range of available central wavelengths (365, 385, 405, and 436 nm) and define their output intensity separately – be it the same output setting for every shot, a changing output profile during a shot, or subsequent shots with an individual spectral composition. With these capabilities, our UV-LED spot light sources can process almost every UV-sensitive material at impressive speeds and with fantastic reliability.

A fully customizable output spectrum is particularly helpful if you are searching for a UV-LED solution to replace mercury discharge lamps of manufacturing equipment in the medical or pharma field. Just replicate the spectrum of your current spot light source and keep using your originally validated recipes.

Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE ONE: Spectral Power CWL 365, 405, 436
Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE/1.3: Spectral Power (CWL 365 nm, 405 nm, 436 nm)
Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE ONE
Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE/1 and LED Light Guide

Why Primelite's UV-LED light sources for flood exposure:

Advanced Light Engine ONE

Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE ONE

ALE/1 UV-LED spot light sources – the industry’s benchmark for tailored exposure spectrums with superb stability.

Advanced Light Engine THREE

Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE THREE

Our ALE/3 UV-LED spot light source is an economical low footprint replacement for mercury discharge lamps.

Light Guides

High-Power LED Light Guide 1P

Learn more on how to flexibly guide your UV light to the exact spot of application with excellent efficiency.

Performance Optics

Primelite LED Performance Optics

Our performance optics generate an exposure beam, fitting the specifications of your individual UV application.

Talk to us about your application!