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Introducing the ALE/3 UV-LED Spot Light Source: Low Footprint yet Powerful!

Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source Advanced Light Engine THREE

Replacing legacy UV curing systems using 200 W mercury discharge lamps with safer, more reliable, and more economical technology drove the design behind our new ALE/3 UV-LED spot light source. Before officially announcing the latest addition to our UV-LED spot light source family, the ALE/3 had to pass extensive real-world testing in high-volume manufacturing with one of our pilot customers in the Japanese automotive industry. Thanks to its low footprint and support for various standard control interfaces, the ALE/3 can be easily accommodated into an already existing production infrastructure. And it is almost a tiny revolution that the ALE/3 UV-LED spot light source requires next to zero maintenance over its entire service life.

Like our other UV-LED exposure systems, the ALE/3 is fully compatible with our LED Light Guides and LED Performance Optics, which are economical add-ons if you want to maximize the optical efficiency of your exposure setup.

Contact Primelite’s sales team to discuss how our new ALE/3 can improve your UV curing processes.

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