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Customized LED Exposure Solutions Tailored to Your Needs.

Primelite Engineering

Over the years, Primelite’s engineering team has helped many customers with custom LED exposure solutions tailored to their specific needs. And we are known in the industry for our efficient and swift support. Because all of our system design centers around our unique modular technology platform, you may rely on fast-track development and rollout of your product. The cornerstones of this technology platform are:

  • In-house designed optomechanical components
  • Our compact and efficient high-power LED driver design
  • A universal software architecture for all of our exposure systems

Apart from customizing our standard products according to your requirements, Primelite Engineering can support you all the way from initial consulting to full-fledged development of your series product, and we have the capability to manufacture your OEM systems, too.

Whether you want to build up an entirely new exposure solution from scratch, need a LED exposure subsystem, or if you are interested in upgrading your existing equipment to efficient LED technology: Talk to us!

Primelite Engineering Custom UV-LED Solutions
Custom High-Performance UV-LED Solutions for Collimated Exposure

Together we innovate!