Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Light Sources

High Power, Multispectral Output, Excellent Stability: Our fiber-coupled UV-LED light sources are best-in-class spot curing and precision flood exposure tools.

Primelite’s advanced UV-LED light sources for precision spot curing and flood exposure

Improving cycle times in high-volume production processes while reliably meeting tough bond quality standards continuously pushes the demand for high-performance spot light sources. While there are still conventional mercury discharge lamps in use, more and more spot curing equipment is nowadays switching to UV-LED technology. Primelite’s fiber-coupled Advanced UV-LED Light Engines take UV curing and exposure to the next level, as our solutions outperform any 200 W to 500 W mercury discharge lamp and all competing UV-LED spot light sources in every aspect: Delivering the highest intensities of customizable broadband radiation (350-470 nm) with excellent short- and long-term stability, opening up opportunities for enhanced or entirely new UV curing applications.

You can also turn our UV-LED exposure systems into a precise flood exposure tool. Depending on your intensity, uniformity, and collimation needs, or your available design envelope, you may configure a suitable setup using our readily available LED Performance Optics. If these standard components cannot meet your requirements, our engineering team is always there to help our customers with individually customized designs.

Advanced Light Engine

Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE ONE

Our ALE/1 is the benchmark fiber-coupled UV-LED spot light source if you need high output, excellent stability, and a customizable broadband exposure spectrum.

Advanced Light Engine

Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE THREE

Replacing conventional 200-350 W mercury lamp systems with mono- or multispectral configurations of our smallest fiber-coupled UV-LED spot light source is easy.

Are you ready for UV-LED exposure?