Primelite Performance Optics

Optical Add-Ons to Boost Our UV-LED Light Sources' Output & Maximize Efficiency

Primelite LED Performance Optics

In most optical setups, the beam exiting the light source has to be manipulated in one way or another. You may want to maximize the optical efficiency of your design or the exposure at a specific working distance. Perhaps you need to increase exposure uniformity or wish to change collimation angles. We offer a selection of standard LED Performace Optics to shape the light from our UV-LED exposure systems to suit your use case. Our readymade homogenizers and condensers are remarkably affordable tools for tackling many optical setup’s everyday challenges right off the shelf.

Ultra high-transmission LED Light Guides are perched comfortably alongside the standard homogenizing and condensing optics in Primelite’s Performance Optics portfolio. Opt for these very effective, reliable tools if you want to flexibly direct a remote light source to your exposure area. Our LED Light Guides give you the freedom you need to work within a tight design envelope or require a light exit that moves in any direction.

All Primelite Performance Optics components fit any Advanced Light Engine ONE, Advanced Light Engine ONE C, or Advanced Light Engine THREE. We recommend using our LED Light Guides with our fiber-coupled UV-LED light sources to maximize the system’s output. Standard homogenizers and condensers are compatible with our LED Light Guides. You may also use them mounted directly onto our Lithography UV-LED Exposure System ALE/1C without needing a light guide.

LED Performance Optics

Primelite LED Performance Optics

Combine our UV-LED light sources and LED Light Guides with a broad selection of standard homogenizing, condensing, and focusing optics.

LED Light Guides

If your use case calls for extra flexibility, opt for our LED Light Guides. They reliably transmit high-power radiation from our UV-LED light sources.

Boost your UV-LED output!