Specialty LED Lighting

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Specialty High-Power LED Lighting Solutions

High-power LEDs are replacing conventional mercury-xenon, tungsten-halogen, and low-pressure sodium arc lamp systems in a growing number of applications. New regulations such as the Minamata Convention on Mercury account for some of this momentum, but recent breakthroughs have fast-tracked this technology’s advance. Today’s LED systems already outperform conventional mercury discharge lamps when it comes to optical power output. And their benefits do not end there.

LEDs are more economical in day-to-day operations, with longer service life and less maintenance bringing down the total cost of ownership. Solid-state lighting’s consistent output improves process stability. It also produces far less heat than light sources with conventional lamps, which can be a tremendous advantage. Finally, LEDs are very easy to handle for a lack of hazardous materials.

We have branched out beyond photolithography exposure systems and UV curing solutions into LED specialty lighting, a fast growing market. Talk to us if you are seeking multispectral and highly uniform flood illumination or structured lighting solutions. Our specialty LED illumination systems shine in many industrial imaging, surface inspection, 3D metrology, and solar simulation use cases.

LED Projector

LED Flood Illuminator LumiBlaze

A high-power VIS and NIR LED projector, LumiBlaze™ generates illumination fields with superb uniformity.

LED Pattern Projector

LumiBlazeR™, a high-power LED fixed-pattern projector, will serve you well in structured lighting and 3D machine vision use cases.

LED Solar Simulator

A compact benchtop LED solar simulator, LumiSun™ meets ASTM E927, IEC 60904-9, and JIS C 8904-9 Class AAA standards.

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