LED Projector

Bright, Uniform LED Illumination for Machine Vision

Versatile LED Projector for Industrial Flood Source Illumination and Structured Lighting

Many industrial lighting applications benefit from intense and highly uniform illumination. An outstanding flood source certainly improves inspection, surface defect detection, and multispectral and hyperspectral imaging results. Innovations in Optics’ LED Projector LumiBlaze™ delivers that kind of performance. If you need excellent uniformity and high brightness even in vast, well-lit areas, including outdoor locations, opt for this superior machine vision lighting solution.

Built on the same technology platform as the LED flood source LumiBlaze™, LumiBlazeR™ accepts standard and customized precision reticles to structure the projected light. Intense and well-defined light patterns enhance 3D metrology applications for precise shape, volume, and depth measurement. The same goes for reliable object identification, pick & place operations in vision-guided robotics, and gesture recognition in biometrics.

LED Flood Illuminator LumiBlaze
LED flood illuminator LumiBlaze™

LumiBlaze(R)™ LED Projector Highlights:

1LumiBlazeR™ only

LumiBlaze(R)™ LED Projector Overview

LED Flood Illuminator and LED Pattern Projector

A range of 1″ C-Mount lenses is available to adapt LumiBlaze™ and LumiBlazeR™ to almost any industrial lighting scenario. Working distances can range from 0.2 m to 10 m and illumination fields from 100 X 100 mm to 3,000 X 3,000 mm. You have multiple operating modes – CW, PWM, and pulsed – to precisely adjust irradiance.

You can easily integrate LumiBlaze™ or LumiBlazeR™ into your working environment via your controller hardware or opt for Innovations in Optics’ low-footprint LED drivers, which provide TTL and RS-485 connectivity.

LED Pattern Projector LumiBlazeR
LED pattern projector LumiBlazeR™
LED Pattern Projector LumiBlazeR: Reticle Pattern
LED pattern projector LumiBlazeR™: Standard reticle patterns

Standard Precision Reticles

An accurate lithography process generates LumiBlazeR™’s reticles with a critical dimension of 70 microns, resulting in thinner lines, sharper edges, and more homogeneous illumination. These precision reticles are interchangeable and fill the field of 1″ format C-mount camera lenses. You may choose from seven separately available standard projection patterns or ask us for a custom reticle designed to your specifications.

C-Mount Lens Selection

Lens No 1Lens No 2Lens No 3Lens No 4Lens No 5Lens No 6Lens No 7
Focal length6.512.51725355075
Field of view82°49°37°25°18°13°
Min object distance150 mm100 mm500 mm170 mm200 mm240 mm900 mm
Distortion @ WD = 1 m8.0%-2.1%9.7%1.2%-0.15%-0.6%-0.06%
Spectral range [nm]400 - 950400 - 1000400 - 1000400 - 1000400 - 1000400 - 1000400 - 1000
Dimensions Ø X L [mm]46 X 4451 X 68.542 X 80.765 X 85.551 X 48.565 X 81.551 X 76
Lens No 1Lens No 2Lens No 3Lens No 4
Focal length6.512.51725
Field of view182°49°37°25°
Min object distance150 mm100 mm500 mm170 mm
Distortion @ WD = 1 m8.0%-2.1%9.7%1.2%
Spectral range [nm]400 - 950400 - 1000400 - 1000400 - 1000
Dimensions Ø X L [mm]46 X 4451 X 68.542 X 80.765 X 85.5
Lens No 5Lens No 6Lens No 7Lens No 8
Focal length355075
Field of view118°13°
Min object distance200 mm240 mm900 mm
Distortion @ WD = 1 m-0.15%-0.60%-0.06%
Spectral range [nm]400 - 1000400 - 1000400 - 1000
Dimensions Ø X L [mm]51 X 48.565 X 81.551 X 76

1High-speed (low f/# = high NA) lenses produce the brighter pattern images

LumiBlaze(R)™ LED Projector Output

Available LED Spectra

LED Flood Illuminator LumiBlaze: Spectral Power

Irradiance (Lens No 6, Working Distance 2 m)

LED Flood Illuminator LumiBlaze: Irradiance

System Properties and Specifications

  • White (CCT 4800K)
  • Blue (CWL 470 nm)
  • Red (CWL 660 nm)
  • NIR (CWL 860 nm)
Illumination field100 X 100 mm to 3,500 X 3,500 mm
Working distance200 mm to 10,000 mm
Electrical inputMaximum current:40 A (CW)1
50 A (pulsed)
Maximum forward voltage:5 VDC
Operating environment-40 - 40°C, < 85% relative humidity (non-condensing)2
Thermal managementAir cooling
Dimensions (W H D)15.5 X 9.5 X 9.5 cm6.1 X 3.8 X 3.8"
Weight0.8 kg1.8 lbs
Optional LED Driver
Electrical outputCurrent3:0 - 40 A (CW)
0 - 50 A (pulsed)
Voltage:max 5 VDC
Communication interfacesTTL (3.3 VDC, 50 μsec min pulse width, 250 Hz - 2 kHz switching frequency)
Serial (RS-485)
Dimensions (W H D)17 X 46.5 X 142 cm6.7 X 18.3 X 55.9"
Weight1.0 kg2.2 lbs
Power supply24 VDC / 250 W

1Max 30% duty cycle
2Depending on drive conditions
3 2% ripple @ 25 A

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