Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Light Sources

High-Power, Multispectral Output, Excellent Stability from Best-in-Class Spot Curing and Precision Flood Exposure Tools

Primelite’s Advanced UV-LED Light Sources for Precision Spot Curing and Flood Exposure

Manufacturers are keen to improve high-volume production lines’ cycle times, yet they still have to meet rigorous bond quality standards. This dual challenge is driving demand for high-performance spot light sources. While some still use conventional mercury discharge lamps, more and more manufacturers are transitioning their spot curing equipment to UV-LED technology.

Primelite’s fiber-coupled Advanced UV-LED Light Engines take UV curing and exposure to the next level. Our solutions outperform any 200 W to 500 W mercury discharge lamp and all competing UV-LED spot light sources in every way. They deliver industry-leading intensities of customizable broadband radiation (350 – 470 nm) with excellent short- and long-term stability. This opens windows of opportunity to improve current UV curing and create entirely new applications.

You can also turn our UV-LED exposure systems into a precision flood exposure tool. Simply configure a setup using our readily available LED Performance Optics to match your intensity, uniformity, and collimation specs and suit your design envelope. If you are looking for something beyond these standard components to satisfy the demands of your use case, our engineering team can always help and design a solution tailored to your needs.

Advanced Light Engine

Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source Advanced Light Engine ONE

ALE/1 UV-LED spot light sources raise the industry’s bar for power output, tailored broadband exposure spectra, and superb stability.

Advanced Light Engine

Need an affordable replacement for legacy mercury discharge lamps with a small footprint? Here it is.

Out with lamps, in with LED tech!