Advanced UV-LED Light Engine THREE

Excellent Performance in Its Most Compact Guise

ALE/3 UV-LED Light Sources to Replace Conventional Spot Curing Lamps

The question was how to make our technology available to a broader customer base. The answer is Primelite’s UV-LED fiber-coupled light source ALE/3 (Advanced Light Engine THREE). It is your first choice for UV curing use cases that demand precision and reliability, but less power than our highest-performing UV-LED exposure systems deliver

The ALE/3’s optical output, build size, and control interfaces match or surpass the specifications of popular UV light curing units using conventional 200 W mercury discharge lamps or LED technology at a comparable power output level. The ALE/3 connects to our proven high-transmission LED Light Guides to flexibly deliver narrowband or broadband UV radiation exactly where you need it in your particular setup.

Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source Advanced Light Engine THREE
Primelite fiber-coupled UV-LED spot light source ALE/3 and LED Light Guide

ALE/3 UV-LED Fiber-Coupled Light Source Highlights:

ALE/3 UV-LED Fiber-Coupled Light Source Overview

Our ALE/3 LED spot light source is rooted in high-volume automotive manufacturing. Equipment destined for this industry’s assembly lines has to live up to some of the most demanding expectations. Automakers want tools that leave a tiny footprint, are ready for automation, and perform reliably, always. For good reason: Even brief unscheduled downtime can cost more than the company spent on installing UV curing units. The ALE/3 LED spot light source excels in such challenging environments. Its capacity to deliver high and stable output with little to no maintenance has won over many customers in the defense, electronics, medical engineering, and optics manufacturing sectors.

Low-Maintenance UV-LED Spot Light Solution

ALE/3 systems are ultra-compact light guide-coupled LED light sources that are easy to set up and operate. They require practically no maintenance. The innovative internal thermo-electric heat management keeps the installed high-power LED Module cool to maximize service life. ALE/3 LED Modules are field-replaceable – no tools required for a quick change.

Our ALE/3 Light Engine comes with an intuitive touch display for system setup and supports various standard interfaces to operate the unit. These include debounced inputs for simple external switching devices, USB (serial), a discrete PLC interface (TTL), and Ethernet or Modbus communication.

Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source Advanced Light Engine THREE
Primelite fiber-coupled UV-LED spot light source ALE/3
High-Power LED Light Guide 4P
High-power LED Light Guide (multi-pole)

High-Transmission Liquid Light Guides for LED Sources

LEDs are high-NA light emitters with a broad angular radiation pattern. Efficiency is paramount in setups that pair LEDs with light guides. These light guides have to transmit maximum radiation to the target point. This means the LED source’s NA has to match light guide’s NA, which is why conventional low-NA fiber light guides cannot do the job.

We offer single- and multi-pole LED Light Guides perfectly matched to our ALE/1 LED light source. They typically deliver two to three times as much power as conventional silica fiber light guides, yet are just as flexible and long-lasting.

Choose standard or custom LED Light Guides to suit your needs. Options include:

  • Optimized transmission spectrum (UV, VIS, or NIR Core)
  • Active core diameter: Ø5.0, Ø6.5, and Ø8.0 mm
  • Any customer-specific length up to 20 m

LED Performance Optics

Be sure to check out our LED Performance Optics. Our LED Light Guides’ numerical output aperture is around 0.6 (α ~ ±35°), so our lens systems are a remarkably affordable add-on to reduce divergence or even focus radiation for maximum intensity. Our LED Performance Optics are also an excellent choice if you want to improve the uniformity of the exposure field, which can be hexagonal or square.

Primelite’s LED Performance Optics exclusively use UV-grade material.

Primelite LED Performance Optics
Primelite LED Performance Optics

ALE/3 UV-LED Fiber-Coupled Light Source Output

Many applications, particularly UV curing, benefit from a broader exposure spectrum. That is why ALE/3 LED spot light sources can handle two separate wavelength channels you can set up and control individually. You may opt for our high-output single CWL LED Modules with an emission spectrum in the near ultraviolet (NUV), visible (VIS), and near infrared (NIR) ranges. Or you may go with our broadband solution featuring central wavelengths at 365 nm and 405 nm that perfectly match the NUV output power and spectrum of a typical 200 W mercury discharge lamp.

Selection of Available Near UV Spectra

Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE THREE: Spectral Power

Dual CWL Broadband Near UV Option

Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE THREE: Spectral Power vs. Discharge Lamp


Radiation [mW]1ALE/3
LED Light GuideØ5.0Ø6.53Ø8.0
CWL 365 nm27,00011,00013,000
CWL 385 nm29,50013,00015,000
CWL 405 nm29,50013,00015,000
CWL 436 nm27,00011,00013,000
CWL 365 - 405 nm212,00014,000

1Power of each LED Module measured at end of light guide (length 1.5 m); deviation of ±10% possible
2CWL of emitters: 367.5±2.5 nm, 387.5±2.5 nm, 402.5±2.5 nm, or 435.0±2.5 nm
3Ø6.5 mm light guides with anti-reflective coating

System Properties and Specifications

Emitter optionsNear UV (NUV):365 / 385 / 405 / 436 nm
365 - 405 nm (dual CWL broadband) 
Visible (VIS):470 / 520 / 620 / 660 / 690 nm
Near IR (NIR):730 / 770 / 810 / 850 / 970 / 1,050 nm
Numerical apertureNA 0.6 (2α ~70°)
Output control
  • Individual LED power management and presets
  • High-resolution intensity adjustment (10-100%)
  • LED rise time approx. 1 millisecond
Communication interfaces
  • Touch display
  • Discrete PLC interface (TTL)
  • AUX (debounced)
  • USB (serial)
  • Ethernet / MODBUS TCP/IP (optional)
Thermal managementIntegrated thermo-electric cooling
Dimensions (W H D)14.5 X 16.5 X 34 cm5.7 X 6.5 X 13.4"
Weight6 kg13.2 lbs
Power supply110-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 350 W
Light guide options
  • Liquid and fiber light guides
  • Single and multi-pole options
  • Active core Ø5.0, Ø6.5, and Ø8.0 mm
  • Standard length 1.5 m; custom lengths 0.5 - 20 m
  • Custom end fittings available on request

Replace your legacy systems!