UV-LED Lithography Exposure Systems

Output Power Levels to Rival Up-to-5 kW Mercury Arc Lamps

Primelite’s Advanced UV-LED Light Sources for Lithography Use Cases

Explore our high-performance UV-LED Lithography Exposure Systems and precision curing solutions for the near UV (NUV) spectral ranges (i-line, CWL 365 nm / h-line, CWL 405 nm / g-line, CWL 436 nm). Our products perform exceptionally well in mask aligners for wafers up to 12″ (300 mm), wafer steppers, large-substrate flood exposure equipment, nanoimprint lithography (NIL) tools, and high-power maskless direct imagers used for DMD / DLP® projection.

Primelite’s Advanced UV-LED Light Engines are your reliable tools of choice for low- and high-volume manufacturing environments. If you are looking to design new exposure systems or retrofit a replacement for conventional mercury discharge lamps, look no further. Let our industry-proven UV-LED light sources provide the illumination you need.

Advanced Light Engine

Primelite Lithography UV-LED Exposure System Advanced Light Engine ONE C

Mask aligners equipped with our UV-LED Light Engines deliver superior results for contact and proximity exposure use cases.

Advanced Light Engine

Expose at 100 mW/cm2 and beyond on round and square 8″ and 12″ substrates using an i-line or broadband ALE/2 UV-LED Light Engine configuration.

DLP® / DMD Illuminator

DMD / DLP® projection systems in HVM environments need high-performance UV light sources. We offer the most capable UV-LED DMD illuminator available.

Out with lamps, in with LED tech!