DLP® / DMD Illuminator LumiDL™

Highest Output, Utmost Uniformity for the Most Challenging DMD Use Cases

The Industry's Performance Benchmark for UV-LED DLP® / DMD Illuminators

If you want to drastically boost the throughput of direct imaging tools for industrial maskless lithography or computer-to-screen (CtS) and 3D printing, a next-generation light source is the way to go. Opt for the high-performance LumiDL™ UV-LED DMD illuminator to solve the problem of low process speeds and capitalize on the flexibility and cost-saving potential of DLP® / DMD projection in high-volume manufacturing.

UV-LED DLP / DMD Illuminator
UV-LED DLP® / DMD illuminator LumiDL™

LumiDL™ UV-LED DMD Illuminator Highlights:

LumiDL™ UV-LED DMD Illuminator Overview

Available with narrowband and broadband setups, the LumiDL™ UV-LED DMD illuminator eclipses the radiation power of both conventional discharge lamps and laser diodes. Given the extended service life of its LED emitters and easy system maintenance, it is also far more economical in terms of total cost of ownership. Featuring a modular design, this illuminator comes with a field-replaceable high-power UV-LED unit (FRU) that the end customer can easily detach from the optics assembly and service.

LumiDL™ UV-LED DMD illuminators come with a high-performance 18-channel LED driver. The channels connect to all emitters of the UV-LED FRU individually, giving you full control to perform precise exposures. You may use the integrated Ethernet (telnet, Modbus) or serial USB interface for system setup and operation. Also, an external trigger input is available to instantaneously activate the DMD illuminator with predefined settings.

UV-LED DLP / DMD Illuminator
UV-LED DLP® / DMD illuminator LumiDL™: Field-replaceable LED unit

LumiDL™ UV-LED DMD Illuminator Output

Texas Instruments’s large format DLP®7000, DLP®9000, and DLP®9500 chipsets are a perfect match for the LumiDL™ UV-LED DMD illuminator’s optical output. Its highly uniform radiant flux is confined to the 12° acceptance half-angle and the active area of the DLP. Some overfill helps to relax positional tolerances of the entire setup along the optical axis. You may customize the spectral output by choosing any combination of emitters around the available central wavelengths (CWL) 365, 385, 395, 405, and 436 nm.

Selection of Available Near UV Spectra

Primelite UV-LED DMD Illuminator: Spectral Power

Uniformity on Active DMD Area

Primelite UV-LED DMD Illuminator: Uniformity


Radiation [mW]1 CWL 365 nm CWL 385 nm CWL 395 nm CWL 405 nm CWL 436 nm
LumiDL™ DMD illuminator for DLP®7000 (12 LED FRU)19,00024,00024,00024,00019,000
LumiDL™ DMD illuminator for DLP®9500 (18 LED FRU)28,00035,00035,00035,00028,000

1Single CWL configurations

System Properties and Specifications

Emitter optionsCombination of up to 18 LEDs with CWL 365 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm, 405 nm, and 436 nm
Output specificationsNumerical apertureNA 0.21 (matches ±12° DMD tilt angle)
Illumination uniformity > 90%
DMD overfill> 10%
Output control
  • Individual LED power management and presets
  • High-resolution drive current adjustment (10-100%)
Communication interfaces
  • Ethernet
  • Serial USB
  • External trigger input (TTL)
Thermal managementRecirculating liquid cooling with heat exchanger (not included)
Dimensions (W H D)DMD illuminator27.5 X 8 X 8.5 cm10.9 X 3.2 X 3.4"
Multi-channel driver23 X 29 X 4.5 cm9.1 X 11.5 X 1.8"
WeightDMD illuminator1.5 kg3.5 lbs
Multi-channel driver2 kg4.5 lbs
Power supply24 VDC / 300 W

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