Advanced UV-LED Light Engine ONE C

The Industry's Workhorse in Mask Aligners for 6" and 8" Wafers.

ALE/1C UV-LED Exposure Systems Replace Conventional 1 kW Lamps

Primelite’s UV-LED Exposure System Advanced Light Engine ONE C (ALE/1C) is a potent spot light source powering many high-performance industrial UV exposure tools. Typically these are semi-automated and automated Mask Aligners for 6″ (150 mm) and 8″ (200 mm) wafers or broadband Wafer Stepper systems (1X Steppers / Mini-Steppers). With UV-LED technology at its core, it offers various advantages over conventional high-pressure mercury discharge lamps, such as excellent output stability and flexible spectrum control, reduced power consumption and heat generation, extended service life, and minimal overall maintenance.

ALE/1C UV-LED Exposure Systems use Primelite’s platform concept and can combine a maximum of three UV LEDs in the optical path. In most cases, these are i-line (CWL 365 nm), h-line (CWL 405 nm), and g-line (CWL 436 nm) emitters, exceeding the illumination power of conventional 1 kW mercury discharge lamps.

Primelite Lithography UV-LED Advanced Light Engine ONE C
Primelite Lithography UV-LED Exposure System ALE/1C (Controller and Exposure Subsystem)

ALE/1C UV-LED Exposure System Highlights:

ALE/1C UV-LED Exposure System Overview

ALE/1C units follow a distributed design approach for easy system integration. Our compact UV-LED Exposure Subsystems (ESS) sit directly in the optical path of your equipment, where the design envelope is a challenge in most cases. You may install our separate Control Subsystem (CSS), which manages the power supply and cooling of the entire setup, at a more convenient location with fewer space restrictions. Combine the ALE/1C Exposure System’s light exit with various available light pipes, light guides, and additional optics.

Control Subsystem (CSS)

There are two versions of the CSS available: A unit optimized for low footprint and a 4U 19″ rack mount version. Both ALE CSS versions feature the same control interfaces, cooling system connectors, and a system status indicator. Additionally, the rack mount version provides an exposure test key switch on the front to activate light output without the requirement of external control signals.

Primelite Lithography UV-LED Exposure Control Subsystem Advanced Light Engine CSS
Primelite Lithography UV-LED Exposure Control Subsystem ALE CSS
Primelite Lithography UV-LED Advanced Light Engine ONE C
Primelite Lithography UV-LED Exposure System ALE/1C

Exposure Subsystem (ESS)

ALE/1C UV-LED Exposure Subsystems are light pipe coupled spot light sources. Connected to a separate Control Subsystem (CSS) and equipped with your choice of optics, our UV-LED Light Engines provide all the hard- and software necessary to control and drive the internal UV-LED emitters. Beneficial is the compact design of the UV-LED Exposure Subsystem, which facilitates easy system integration into your existing equipment (retrofitting) or new tool designs.

A considerable advantage is that all LED Modules are field-replaceable, and swapping LEDs is a matter of minutes with no need for special tools.

Light Exit Options

We offer a selection of homogenizing light pipes, flexible liquid light guides, and condensing optics which you can combine with ALE/1C Exposure Subsystems. These components may be particularly helpful if you need to transmit high-power radiation over long distances, increase uniformity, or want to adjust the collimation angle of the output radiation.

Primelite LED Performance Optics
Primelite LED Performance Optics

ALE/1C UV-LED Exposure System Output

Our standard ALE/1C setup combines UV-LED emitters with peak wavelengths around the i-line (365 nm), h-line (405 nm), and g-line (436 nm) of the mercury spectrum. All UV-LED emitters are individually controllable, allowing you to switch between wavelengths without changing filters and customize the composition of your output spectrum.


Primelite UV-LED Exposure System ALE ONE C: Spectral Power (CWL 365/405/436 nm)

Angular Distribution (from Light Pipe)

Primelite UV-LED Exposure System ALE ONE C: Radiant Intensity


Radiation [mW]1 Optics Broad­band (350 - 450 nm) i-line (365 nm)
ALE/1C (Performance Mode) Ø8.0 mm HEX AR 50,000 21,000
ALE/1C (Standard Mode) Ø8.0 mm HEX AR 40,000 17,000

1Deviation of ±10% possible.

The total output of our ALE/1C is up to 40 W in standard mode and up to 50 W in performance mode. The performance mode can be activated with an additional chiller in the cooling circuit that keeps coolant temperatures below 20°C.

System Properties and Specifications

Emitter Options 3 LEDs with CWL 365 nm, 405 nm, and 436 nm
Numerical Aperture Variable: NA 0.6 (2α ~70°) with light pipe only and down to NA 0.15 (2α ~17°) with condenser
Output Control
  • Individual LED power management and presets
  • High-resolution intensity adjustment (10-100%)
  • LED rise time approx. 1 millisecond
  • Continuous monitoring of optical output and feedback control
Communication Interfaces
  • Discrete PLC interface (TTL)
  • USB (serial)
  • Ethernet / Modbus (optional)
Thermal Management
  • Liquid cooling with internal radiator (standard mode)
  • Optional external chiller (performance mode)
Dimensions (W H D) ESS: 20 X 13 X 20.5 cm 7.9 X 5.1 X 8.1"
CSS: 20 X 15 X 45 cm 7.9 X 5.9 X 17.7"
CSS (Rack): 44 X 18 X 37 cm 17.3 X 7.1 X 14.6"
Weight ESS: 5 kg 11 lbs
CSS: 9 kg 20 lbs
CSS (Rack): 10 kg 22 lbs
Power Supply 110-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 1,000 W

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