Advanced UV-LED Light Engine TWO

There Is No More Powerful UV-LED Spot Light Source.

ALE/2 UV-LED Exposure Systems Replace Conventional 2 - 5 kW Lamps

Primelite’s UV-LED Exposure System Advanced Light Engine TWO (ALE/2) is a high-performance UV spot light source for large substrate industrial flood exposure tools requiring perfectly uniform and collimated radiation. These may be 8″ (200 mm) or 12″ (300 mm) mask aligners. However, its UV output is strong enough to power even larger setups with square exposure areas reaching 400 X 400 mm and above. With UV-LED technology at its core, the ALE/2 offers various advantages over conventional high-pressure mercury discharge lamps, such as excellent output stability and flexible spectrum control, reduced power consumption and heat generation, extended service life, and minimal overall maintenance.

ALE/2 UV-LED Exposure Systems use Primelite’s technology platform and combine four feedback-controlled high-power UV LEDs in the optical path. I-line (CWL 365 nm) and broadband (CWL 365, 405, 436 nm) configurations are available. In i-line-only processes, the ALE/2 UV-LED exposure system performs equally to conventional discharge lamps with a rated power of up to 5,000 W. And the illumination power is equivalent to 2,000 W discharge lamps for broadband applications.

Primelite Lithography UV-LED Advanced Light Engine TWO
Primelite Lithography UV-LED Exposure System ALE/2 (Controller and Exposure Subsystem)

ALE/2 UV-LED Exposure System Highlights:

ALE/2 UV-LED Exposure System Overview

Our Advanced Light Engine TWO units feature a compact Exposure Subsystem (ESS) and a separate Control Subsystem (CSS). The CSS monitors and drives the ESS for super-precise optical output. It supplies the necessary power to the high-power LEDs and oversees the heat management to keep the entire system as cool as possible.

Much like a conventional lamp house, the ALE/2 ESS is an integral part of the exposure tool. While it is necessary to install the CSS in the vicinity of the ESS, the allowable distances are generally large enough to find a location with fewer restrictions regarding the design envelope.

Control Subsystem (CSS)

The Control Subsystem combines all control, power supply, and cooling functionality in a 4U 19″ rack mount housing. You may communicate with the unit in several ways: Standard interfaces are discrete PLC, USB, or Ethernet. An extensive API provides full access to the Advanced Light Engine TWO and facilitates seamless system integration.

Primelite Lithography UV-LED Exposure Control Subsystem Advanced Light Engine CSS
Primelite Lithography UV-LED Controller ALE CSS (Rack Mount)
Primelite Lithography UV-LED Advanced Light Engine TWO
Primelite Lithography UV-LED Exposure System ALE/2

Exposure Subsystem (ESS)

ALE/2 Exposure Subsystems come in i-line (CWL 365 nm) or broadband configurations comprising the i-, h-, and g-line (CWL 365, 405, 436 nm). Each installed high-power LED Module has its individual optical closed-loop feedback control, meticulously stabilizing the total power output of the unit at all times. Internal homogenizers and an aspherical condenser prepare the outgoing radiation in an ideal way to achieve highly uniform illumination at the exposure plane.

To keep maintenance down, all LED-Modules are field-replaceable, and swapping LEDs is a matter of minutes with no need for special tools.

ALE/2 UV-LED Exposure System Output

Our standard ALE/2 setup combines LED Modules with peak wavelengths around the i-line (365 nm), h-line (405 nm), and g-line (436 nm) of the mercury spectrum. Additionally, a pure i-line configuration is also available. All UV-LED emitters are individually controllable, allowing you to switch between wavelengths without changing filters and customize the composition of your output spectrum.


Primelite UV-LED Exposure System ALE TWO: Spectral Power

Angular Distribution (from Condenser)

Primelite UV-LED Exposure System ALE TWO: Radiant Intensity


Radiation [mW]1 Broad­band (350 - 450 nm) i-line (365 nm)
ALE/2 (Performance Mode) 90,000 80,000
ALE/2 (Standard Mode) 80,000 70,000

1Deviation of ±10% possible.

The total output of our ALE/2 is up to 80 W in standard mode and up to 90 W in performance mode. The performance mode can be activated with an additional chiller in the cooling circuit that keeps coolant temperatures below 20°C.

System Properties and Specifications

Emitter Options 4 LEDs with CWL 365 nm, 385 nm, 405 nm, and 436 nm
Numerical Aperture NA 0.3 (2α ~35°) with standard condenser
Output Control
  • Individual LED power management and presets
  • High-resolution intensity adjustment (10-100%)
  • LED rise time approx. 1 millisecond
  • Continuous monitoring of optical output and feedback control
Communication Interfaces
  • Discrete PLC interface (TTL)
  • USB (serial)
  • Ethernet / Modbus (optional)
Thermal Management
  • Liquid cooling with internal radiator (standard mode)
  • Optional external chiller (performance mode)
Dimensions (W H D) ESS: 21 X 21 X 36 cm 8.3 X 8.3 X 14.2"
CSS (Rack): 44 X 18 X 37 cm 17.3 X 7.1 X 14.6"
Weight ESS: 4 kg 9 lbs
CSS (Rack): 10 kg 22 lbs
Power Supply 110-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 1,500 W

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