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Enjoy greater flexibility and higher power output from our UV-LED light engines

Mercury light sources and xenon lamps have long been the go-to solution for medical applications e.g., dermatology, ophthalmology, fluorescence, live cell imaging, cell culture, due to their demanding illumination requirements. New developments in LED technology, resulted in upgraded UV-LED light engines which were able to replace the old systems while offering distinct advantages like increased process safety, lower cost-of-ownership, and improved output flexibility.

By allowing for consistent performance, lower temperatures, eliminated waste streams and longer lifetime, LEDs are more and more replacing the traditional UV mercury lamps and eliminate their shortcomings.



System Integration

Separation or synthesis of chemical compounds are molecular interactions which have to be stimulated by specific wavelength intensity combinations. Primelite’s UV-LED light engines are modular builds and offer highest flexibility combination with liquid light guides. This allows for product configuration of up to 5 different LED wavelengths, 4-pole light guide and a length of up to 20m. Resulting in offering you:

  1. A stand-along device which you can easily place next to your machine and mount the light guide on top or below the probe 
  2. A full integration into your machine

With our Light Exit options, we offer a selection of homogenizing light pipes, flexible liquid light guides, and condensing optics which you can combine with our Exposure Subsystems. These components may be particularly helpful if you need to transmit high-power radiation over long distances, increase uniformity, or want to adjust the collimation angle of the output radiation.

Drug Discovery

Replacing lower-power LED system

System: ALE/1.5 (385/435/520/620/730 nm)

Main benefits and motivation:

  • Reduced exposure cycles
  • Improved scanning speed
  • Higher intensity consistency

Antibody Discovery

Replacing monochromatic LED system

System: ALE/1.3 (365/385/405 nm)

Main benefits and motivation:

  • Capture and visualize overlays in seconds
  • Compact & reliable solid-state light engines
  • Clear, detailed and high contrast epifluorescence

Surgical Microscope

Replacing mercury arc system

System: ALE/3.2 (365/405 nm)

Main benefits and motivation:

  • Combined fluorescence and white light images
  • Low heat co-axial LED illumination


Replacing monochromatic LED system

System: ALE/3.2 (365/405 nm)

Main benefits and motivation:

  • Enhanced visualization via UV light
  • Highest flexibility with LLG
  • Reduced heat exposure
Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE 1

System highlights:

Advanced Light Engine ONE

Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE 1

Leverage our flexible setup with up to 5 separate high-performance UV, VIS, or NIR-LEDs. The system offers many options for customization and allows for an easy system integration, highly reliable output, and extended service life.

Advanced Light Engine THREE

Primelite Fiber-Coupled UV-LED Spot Light Source ALE 3

Achieve best-in-class performance with our super compact fiber coupled light source ALE/3.

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