Semiconductor and PCB UV-LED Photolithography

We are replacing traditional mercury discharge lamps with UV-LED technology in mask aligners, wafer steppers, and other photolithography equipment.

Advanced UV-LED exposure systems for photolithography applications

The semiconductor and PCB manufacturing industry extensively uses high-power radiation in the near UV (NUV) spectral ranges (i-line, CWL 365 nm/h-line, CWL 405 nm/g-line, CWL 436 nm) to create complex microstructures in photolithography processes. Significant applications involving photolithography include producing integrated circuits (ICs), liquid crystal  (LCDs) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems), or printed circuit boards (PCBs).

There was no alternative to mercury discharge lamps in broadband UV exposure equipment for decades. Nowadays, this is changing as recent developments in UV-LED technology prove to be safer, as well as much more economical and reliable than conventional solutions. Retrofitting or designing new production tools employing UV-LED exposure is now facilitated by integrating Primelite’s advanced UV-LED light engines as a subsystem.

UV-LED Mask Aligners

Mask aligners using our UV-LED light engines have proven to produce superior results in proximity as well as contact (soft/hard/vacuum) exposure applications.

UV-LED Wafer Steppers

With a Primelite UV-LED exposure unit integrated into your stepper, you can target resolutions down to 1 µm or even in the sub-micron range. 

UV-LED Direct Imaging

DMD/DLP® projection systems in HVM environments need high-performance UV light sources. We offer the most capable UV-LED DMD illuminator on the market. 

UV-LED Wafer Edge Exposure

Primelite’s UV-LED spot light sources are a perfect solution for wafer edge exposure, matching the relevant i-, h-, and g-line output of mercury arc lamps. 

UV-LED Collimated Exposure

Flood exposure systems move away from conventional lamps. Our broadband UV-LED light sources make these applications safer, more economical, and very reliable.

UV-LED Photomask Inspection

Our fiber-coupled UV-LED exposure systems are very well suited to replace mercury arc lamps in your photomask inspection equipment.

Are you ready for UV-LED exposure?